[re]author your story, your purpose, and your legacy

The [re]storied training is a 3-day training delivering life-changing tools and practices for stepping out of survival living and courageously towards your flourishing life.

Upcoming Trainings

Jackson, MI

May 19th – 21st

Training Description

Most people sense or know that more is possible, but they don’t know how to step into it. The [re]storied Training is designed to give you clarity about how to step out of ruts, patterns, and cycles that have kept you stuck and into new ways of thinking, feeling, and living.

You will get life-changing tools and practices to step out of automatic and mere survival living, to courageously step into what is possible, for the flourishing of your life and the world around you. Join us for the [re]storied Training.

Meet Our Team

Brandon Cook


Rebecca Cook

Coach & Project Manager

Austin Hamilton

Apprentice Trainer

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