[re]author your story, your purpose, and your legacy

The [re]storied PLUS training is a 3-day training delivering life-changing tools and practices for stepping out of survival living and courageously towards your flourishing life. [re]storied utilizes lectures and exercises, plus one-on-one and group interaction, as well as embodiment practices such as ice bath, sauna, sound bath, and breath work, to uncover strategies that will support you to re-create and re-story your life.

Upcoming Trainings

Austin, TX

November 8th – 10th

Training Description

Most people sense or know that more is possible, but they don’t know how to step into it. The [re]storied PLUS Training is designed to give you clarity about how to step out of ruts, patterns, and cycles that have kept you stuck and into new ways of thinking, feeling, and living.

You will get life-changing tools and practices to step out of automatic and mere survival living, to courageously step into what is possible, for the flourishing of your life and the world around you. Join us for the [re]storied PLUS Training.

Training Summary

Day 1 (Friday)

The first thing we explore at [re]storied is how, as human beings, we are storytellers, and how our interpretations of life—specifically, interpretations of our past—can keep us stuck in automatic, reflexive beliefs and behaviors that keep us from thriving. Through lectures, exercises and group-work, we will explore the top three most significant events in your life and uncover how your interpretation of those events either keeps you stuck or moves you towards flourishing.

Day one includes somatic practices of breath work and ice bath/sauna and other embodiment practices to support you in mindfulness, grounding, and regulation of your nervous system.

Day 2 (Saturday)

Day Two is about doing deep work. We will focus, specifically, on the three main things that can keep us stuck in limited, automatic living: unforgiveness, shame, and an unwillingness to grieve. Through exercises designed around each of these topics, we will uncover how to re-direct energy away from bitterness, judgment, and avoidance and into powerful pathways of peace, acceptance, and purpose.

We will continue to engage embodiment practices, such as breath work, body movement, and sound bath that support you in discharging shame and trauma and in grieving well. 

Day 3 (Sunday)

Finally, and to move us towards a fully flourishing life, we will explore the practices it takes to truly thrive. [re]storied is not designed to simply be a mountaintop experience; it is designed to give you practical tools and a clear pathway to engage transformation as a lifestyle. We do not give formulas, but we fully explore the practices that are uniquely wanted and needed in the context of your life. Day Three will give you these tools and practices for flourishing as we explore two big ideas: what it means to live a fully human life, accepting our beauty, identity, and purpose in the midst of our unsortedness and what it means to live an open life, embracing all the possibilities that we long for.

Day 3 includes another ice bath and sauna experience as well as increased focus on breath work and mindfulness practices.

We hope you will join us for this life-changing experience, to step into all that is possible in your life and, through you, for the world around you!

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