Unlimited is an experiential couples growth weekend that brings together physical, emotional, relational and sexual health to tap into the unlimited possibilities for you, your partner, and your relationship. You will experience and walk away with simple but profound practices that will change your life and your relationship!

Who is this for?

This experience is for couples. Couples in all sorts of phases of their relationship are invited to engage this work. You may be a couple that finds themselves in a stuck place or difficult season, that desire to be happier and more connected, or you may be a couple in a good place but want to experience a new level of intimacy. Whether you are a married or a seriously dating/engaged couple this is an experience to GROW & BETTER yourself as individual and as a partnership.

Why this experience?

We believe in the lasting impact of experiential learning: together. Unlike many relationship learning spaces, this experience creates an opportunity for you to uniquely connect with your whole self: mind, body and heart. This creates unlimited possibility for radical insight that can profoundly open you to new feelings, behavior, and growth. Bottom line, since it’s an experience which goes beyond only taking in information, it’s more likely to translate practically, and with more longevity, into your life. We know that tending intentionally to your whole self (mind, body and heart) is what makes Unlimited Couples Experience a holistic one, and gives you the tools you need to ignite a fully flourishing you in your primary relationship and beyond.

Specific Offerings

  • Lectures & Group Coaching
  • Breath Work
  • Yoga & Sound Bath
  • Group, Couple, Individual exercises
  • Sauna & Cold Exposure
  • Healthy Eating – 3 lunch meals & 3 afternoon snacks included

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Cook

Coach & Artist

Rebecca is a soul-centered artist, dancer, teacher, and coach. Her passion is to holistically integrate beauty and our senses into our spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual experiences.

Brandon Cook

Coach, Trainer, Author

Years of being with people in their most challenging conversations, a one of a kind mind and listening ear allow him to bring you (and a room full of people) to insight, action and deeper intimacy.

Barbara Sunofsky

Coach, Pastor Emeritus & Allender Center Facilitator

This is the woman who will ask the question you’ve been avoiding giving you a green light to the flourishing relationship that you’re longing to live in. She puts you at ease making room for your soul to go the places it needs to go.

Nolan Kim

XPT Coach, Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, CrossFit Coach & Transformational Life Coach

Training our bodies to endure adversity with power is his specialty while simultaneously putting you at ease while you go for it.

Amanda Kim

PsyD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology)

Tenacious and tender hearted this combination gives her staying power for you when you want to jump off the boat of your life but know you’ll be even stronger if you keep your feet firmly planted there.