Our Vision

Why Naming The Real?

The world around us is, in the words of Edwin Friedman: chronically anxious. Increasing complexity, technological overload, loss of discourse patterns—that is, our ability to listen, think, and respond thoughtfully, disagreement escalating to outraged conflict, loss of civility…these are markers of our anxious world.

These dynamics are transformed by individuals who live whole, abundant, generous lives; by becoming who we are made to be—a powerful force of life and freedom—the world is made new.

We stand with individuals to step into who they are made to be by developing life-changing resources and delivering life-changing coaching.

Both involve a journey in courage, into thoughtfulness, celebrating beauty despite the world’s despair, and facing whatever pain or past trauma would prevent us from fully stepping into our future and our true, God-given self.

The Two Halves of Naming 

The idea behind “Naming The Real” is two-fold. Firstly, the spiritual journey is about receiving your true name, becoming who you are already made to be, and living out of that identity for the sake of the world. Names may be bestowed, but they are also something we live into.

Secondly, as a Chinese Proverb says, “The right naming of things is the beginning of wisdom.” The spiritual journey involves naming your true self, given in God, and your false self (your small, self-focused, only-focused-on-survival self).

Through holistic, formation-based resources and first-class coaching, we help challenge our inaccurate assumptions about God, Scripture, the world, and ourselves, we help people name reality rightly, and, in doing so, this releases a renaissance of love and compassion in individuals and into the world.