Naming the Real offers a few different coaching options. Learn more below!

Individual Coaching

Naming the Real offers individual coaching with Brandon Cook to help clients transcend their limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors that hold them back. We believe that everyone has the potential to live a courageous, extraordinary life and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve this goal by asking powerful questions, clarifying visions, identifying obstacles, and co-designing new mindsets and actions. The ultimate goal of coaching is to achieve extraordinary results in various aspects of life, including work, family, relationships, and personal goals. Brandon specializes in coaching executive-level individuals, high performers, and faith leaders.

The coaching process typically begins with a complimentary Discovery Call, followed by weekly sessions that delve deep into the client’s vision and goals, creating a roadmap to success.

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[re]storied Group Coaching

The [re]storied Coaching Process is designed to support you in reinventing key areas of your life. It is designed to steep you in the most critical transformational distinctions.

If you are looking to take your life on in new ways, stepping out of behaviors or beliefs that have kept you stuck and into a new, flourishing way of living, this process is for you!

As part of the process, you will choose two to three significant areas of focus that you want to change and transform in significant ways. The entire process is then designed to support you in walking into these outcomes with courage and hope.

Along the way, we will focus on these key areas:

  • Knowing your story from new perspectives
  • Survival strategies versus flourishing practices
  • Ego and shadow work
  • Understanding how family/society/religion of origin have affected the stories you tell yourself
  • Agency versus victimhood
  • Being honest about “rackets”—the rewards we get from continuing unwanted behaviors
  • Basic embodiment practices for thriving
  • Living in possible/abundant versus impossible/scarce mindsets
  • The importance of promise-keeping

To learn more about this process, email [email protected].

Meet Our Team

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