Moving Towards Maturity:
The Four Stages of Spiritual Development

In a world where the notion of faith swings between polarities—from fundamentalism to atheism, from deconstruction to reconstruction—what does it mean to be spiritually mature?

Moving Towards Maturity: The Four Stages of Spiritual Development is a new training, based around the work of M. Scott Peck, designed to illuminate the dynamics of spiritual growth and normalize the movement from rigid religion to holistic spirituality, empowering you to live out a more fully flourishing life and faith that helps change the world. 

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Workshop Description

Using Peck’s categories as our framework, we will explore the dynamics in each of the four stages outlined in his book, The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace–chaotic, formal/boundaries, doubt/deconstruction, mystical/communion. We will guide you through the realities of these stages in order to understand the faith journey more deeply and, above all, how we can begin to live towards greater maturity now. This workshop conversation will center around Christian faith and tradition. People from all faith traditions longing for deeper wholeness are welcome.

This is not just a series of lectures; this is an experiential workshop. Even though there will be lectures and “content download,” you are invited to participate beyond mere intellectual discussion. We will facilitate a number of interactive exercises, such as large and small group sharing, a corporate grief practice, and other experiences that aim to engage us in a holistic process of communal maturing.

In this process, you will learn:

  • How religious life can end up undercutting a vibrant spiritual life and how to avoid this pitfall (rescuing true spirituality from the trap of certainty and the temptation to just “be right”)
  • The gift of contemplative practice for a life of deepening intimacy and faith
  • How to normalize and navigate grief and letting go as part of the maturing process
  • How we can welcome the beautiful diversity of Christian faith expression without distrust or fear
  • How to avoid the judgment trap (judging those in a different place than you) and live in humility
  • How to deal with rigidity in religious life and those who mistake aspects of maturity as “abandoning faith”
  • How our view(s) of God change—and are meant to change!—as we mature
  • How to cultivate greater character and goodness
  • The importance of marking and ritualizing change and transition

We would love to have you participate in this event! Register here, or to learn more, email us at [email protected] 

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