Labeling: The Right Naming of Things

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The Path to Flourishing is a course with simple and practical processes for changing your thinking and revolutionizing your life. We cover high-level concepts such as the power of naming, how to build new neural networks, and the importance of grief, and make them as accessible and “doable” as possible. You will learn pragmatic skills that, if you practice them, will quite literally re-wire your brain and lead you to flourishing in unprecedented ways.

“The right naming of things is the beginning of wisdom.”

– Chinese Proverb

Learn to Name Stuff Well

So, you’ve decided to start this class? Awesome! A class liks this is one of the best ways to build a super-loyal audience and grow your business, even from scratch. But where do you start?

There’s a lot of planning that goes into creating a podcast and your head is probably full of questions like…

  • How do I come up with episode content?
  • What equipment and software should I use?
  • How do I get my show loaded into Apple Podcasts?
  • How do I make sure people find my show?

With this course, you will get a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process of launching a great podcast. With high-quality videos (that aren’t too long) and examples along the way, you’ll have your new podcast up and running in no time, so you can start growing and delighting your audience.

Your audience is waiting to hear from you.

A Sneak Peek Inside OR What to Expect Each Week

Through each stage of the course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating and launching a successful podcast:

 The how and why of podcasting

You’ll gain a deep perspective on how and why podcasting is a great platform for both you and your listeners, and how to create engaging content that grows your audience and keeps them coming back.

 Mastering the technical elements

You’ll gain the know-how required to hit the airwaves like a professional with an in-depth understanding of podcasting equipment, voice recording, audio editing, interviewing, mp3 tagging, hosting, and publishing.

 Setting up your website, show notes, and more

You will learn how to get your show published, including developing show notes, finding a website or blog for your podcast, submitting your show to iTunes, and creating accurate transcriptions of your episodes.

 How to launch your podcast with an unforgettable bang

Effectively promote and market your launch on social media, be a guest on other podcasts in similar niches, write amazing blog posts that draw in listeners, and maintain your podcasting brilliance for years to come.

Course Curriculum

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