The Right Naming of Things is the Beginning of Wisdom.

Most people sense that more is possible, but they often don’t know how to step into it.

We provide resources and coaching that help people live extraordinary, flourishing lives, for the sake of the world.

In the midst of an anxious and polarized world, NAMED Ministries develops extraordinary resources, provides life-changing coaching, and develops learning pathways that strengthen individuals and communities to grow in courage and learn to thrive. Our resources help people become who they are made to be.

“Just to be able to name something, no matter how absurd or unfair, no matter our powerlessness to change it, is to be somehow free of it, above it, transcendent in some way. To name something correctly is to partly free ourselves of its dominance.”

— Ronald Rolheiser, OMI



Coming Summer 2024

A online learning community with transformational content to cultivate your core leadership skills and foster personal development.

Live Trainings

Unifying disciplines of spiritual practice and of courage to see uniquely thriving human lives. This opportunity will nurture a vibrant spiritual practice using innovative teaching and the best practical methodologies for sustained transformation.